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As many of you knew, we are in the midst of an ongoing work on “DotA” 2.0. That means our new logo, the logo of the DotA: Bete de Grace tournament, the new name of the team DotA Pro, and the new team name “MVP.NaVi” from our very own CEO, the greatest team in the Dota 2 history who is the very best team in the Dota 2 World Championships and who has won the World Cup.
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The team has been playing in DotA since December 2011, the first year the professional competitive scene was just beginning. A tournament was held at Dreamhack Winter to introduce a big Dota 2 World Championship, this tournament in DotA was only open to European teams and all of them ended up in the finals. After this tournament, the teams that competed in the world championship have been invited to join the MVP.NaVi organization and they have been invited into the Dota 2 Pro League which is not only going to be held on the 22nd of February, but the main tournament is going all the way to the Chinese National Championships and in the meantime they are going to be going to the European National Championship.

But the new logo of MVP.NaVi is something different than the previous one. The “M” was not replaced, it was just moved so that the letters are more visible and it is also much more bold (the previous one had some more gray strokes). They were also changed slightly so that the letterforms were less distorted which the old logo had.

It is also the first time that you can see the letterforms in the middle of the logos instead of at the corners. They have not been used with any other Dota 2 team yet.

The new name of the team is also something different. It is something that I am very proud of. “M” and “V” look more beautiful on the new logo and it has been a point for me and my team since the beginning because we have never been called “MVP”. As I often said on the web, as long as we are winning I am happy and if we are losing, I am disappointed. We just want to play better and win as much as possible.

It is very important that we get to keep the traditions of that first DotA team and they still are very successful today. Their legacy is extremely powerful and it is one of our main reasons for staying with this organization. “MVP.NaVi” is

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