What skills do you need to be a director?

We believe the director has the right skill set to take the creative vision of a project further. Here are some key attributes that are required to be a director:

Must be able to think creatively.

Must not only have the ability to articulate a vision, but to effectively execute it.

Can lead from the sideline

Strong leadership skills

Ability and willingness to engage an audience

Knowledge/ability of communicating in a professional manner

A passion for cinema and/or filmmaking

Experience developing and producing films (either full-length or short)

Ability to communicate in a direct and personal way to the director, his/her team, the production manager and the client.

What is your responsibility with the film?

You get to design, develop, oversee and create the film’s visual, audio, and narrative elements. Most of the visual components will be created by your design team with a focus on aesthetic direction; production team (producers and crew) will work around your visual sensibilities.

The film will not be a static movie, but must have a strong visual storytelling element.

You will receive direction from the director for how you can take the film in more artistic directions.

The film will be made with and be controlled by film professionals.

What is the film budget?

When it comes to budgeting for a film, the question can be a lot more difficult. This is because it is very hard to nail down a precise number when it comes to creating and financing a multi-million dollar franchise like “Indiana Jones”, but it is definitely possible to create a budget for a film in line with your audience expectations.

To help you get a feeling for your budget, we have created these guidelines:

Basics of Filmmaking with RJ Bruni, Session II - Editing: a ...
$10,000 is our budget for the film as it stands, with no budgeting.

What is the production budget?

The production budget is based on the level of involvement and support we can provide to this project. Production budgets will vary depending on the subject, but will usually range in the range of $10,000 – $30,000.

This budget is based on the final visual elements of the film, including soundstages, costumes, and other visual elements of the film.

This budget is based on the number of people you can put under the umbrella of the production team; a general range of the production team could be anywhere from 5 to 50 people.