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The most important distinction among the two activities is the way they are applied to a specific time and space. Cinematography is mainly concerned with the image at that moment and what we can see and hear (like sound and color). It describes the story and world we are in. So it’s not about shooting movies where you have a camera everywhere and the viewer sees the camera and can follow what it does. This is simply impossible, so filmmakers usually use different lighting techniques, lighting techniques, and cameras to tell the world where they are, and what they want to see. This is a big deal in terms of storytelling.

The other reason is that the story is what the audience sees, but the filmmakers’ intention is in telling the story, which is very different.

Do you have a favourite photography book?

Absolutely. It’s called A Guide to Camera Action and contains a lot of information such as technical terms and concepts. It’s also a really great way to start understanding the visual effects used in the movies.

Why do you want to be a cinematographer?
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My aim would never be to be a professional, but to be someone who is passionate about photography and can learn by myself. I love to work with people who will help me learn along the way. I also want to work with people who know the subject and will help me to be good at what I do.

You’re currently an assistant editor on the film “Dope” featuring Quentin Tarantino. What is this film and what’s it like working on such a high profile film?

Working on “Dope” has been like a dream come true. It has given me more respect for what I do. Every time I am given an assignment by a member of your crew or the director, I am so grateful to know that I have proven myself over and over again as a talented, hardworking, talented person. So having my time on screen, in front of people, with Quentin, was a real honor.

How did you meet Quentin Tarantino? What was his reaction to your role?

When I was working for a French company, I was asked to do a job for a client to give his kids some exposure to a world that they didn’t know about. I thought that I would be the person to guide them through its surroundings. However, when I showed up for the day, I didn’t know anyone working thereā€”I was actually working for my father’s boss.

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