Where do actors stay when filming?

The show is a global enterprise. We often take breaks from the sets when it’s clear the world is watching. When the show is done with us, it’s time to get out of the city. When we’re not shooting, actors stay in other locations as long as they can.

Who do you use and why?

We love both men and women. If the cast is in the same city where they’re shooting, they take turns as well. There are also actors who have never left the country, which is great so we can connect them to the actors or the world. For me, I use actors who have traveled to other parts of the world — actors like John Hurt, the actor who played the villain in A Clockwork Orange. I know John is so passionate about his work and our show, and as much as he’s not in the UK because he’s not allowed to do that anymore, he has to get to know people in other countries and they’re such big fans of it.

Do you plan what to do if you hear of a problem, like a terrorist attack?

I don’t want to get into the details — in many cases, we’ve had a huge number of instances — but we don’t plan them. We don’t have contingency plans. Our shows are global affairs, so even if it’s a tragedy where there are deaths and we’re dealing with an issue right now. I’m not thinking that way.

Can you explain the scene where you throw a dead chicken into the fire?

It was about doing something funny, and we had the chicken thrown into the fire one night. The director gave it away to us, and as we started shooting, we realized that it was very relevant to today’s issues, especially in a political time. So we came up with a plan to bring the chicken from our show to other people and it actually worked. That was really fun.

Do you think the show is a safe haven, or are people worried about your safety?

Well, I have to tell you. It’s incredibly dangerous!

Have you lost sleep over all the deaths?

No, not at all. People have asked me if we try to write off anything. I don’t know. What else are the show going to do? I have to tell you it’s so many!

We can all see the signs that this is going to be a good season.

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