Where do actors stay when filming?

Some actors stay home in Los Angeles. Some go to New York. Some go to Hawaii. Some are busy touring. Some travel from their home country. Some have family in their country, and others are still living there.

If you’re working and have an agent please let us know when you need us. We will help your movie.

If you’re shooting overseas, do you have to pay rent?

Yes, you have to pay rent. But if this is the film you plan to make for a long period of time please make sure you’re planning on renting an apartment or apartment complex. This might be easier.

Will we see more celebrity appearances?

Yes, we will see more celebs. We also will see them doing their famous TV shows, and film characters. Also when we reach Hollywood Hills, we will show more scenes with famous people.

Do you want to put up posters promoting your film at home?

Yes, we will do it. But remember the only time you should ever put up posters is when you have to promote a movie in Hollywood – like for the big premieres or for international premieres – which will be announced at the end of the month.

Are there any special locations we must see?

Well there are some special locations we must see:

• The movie sets – I.A. and the Hollywood Hills

• The sets of the movie trailers for “Star Wars” and for “Romeo & Juliet”

• The “Star Wars” movie set and the set of scenes from “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

• The set of scenes from “The Mummy”

• The set of scenes from “The Mummy” and “The Shining”

• The set of scenes from “The Dark Knight” and “The Lord of the Rings”

Yes! We want to put up posters with most of these places.

Will there be a special screening of your movie?

Yes, we plan to do it in Hollywood.

What is the plan for the poster?

We are still planning for our poster. We hope to put up posters for the movie in Los Angeles for the US and also for Hollywood, to show that we are a big movie in the country. I.A. will be in that movie and we will try to shoot the movie in London, Berlin and Frankfurt. We hope to cover more European cities