Who gets paid more actors or directors?

It matters because, when you make movies that people want to see, you spend a lot of money.

Is it more rewarding to work as a writer or actor? I think writing is generally more fulfilling in some of my films. In certain cases, though, I would love to get money while making the movie (and vice versa). Sometimes they are interchangeable since one of them can make more work while the other gets more money. I never get paid just for writing. They’re all paid.

You have to choose who you want to be, and I think you can tell them apart from other people. Other people try to be both and fail. I just go for what I want to do.

Would you do a movie where a guy is a slave, but then he has to be bought by whomever? You can get some of the most memorable characters if you do that. It’d also help my career by proving I have a real acting gift. If you can do that, maybe it’s time for a change of scenery.

How much did you get paid for every scene with Jennifer Aniston? Jennifer is really great and I love getting work with her. Maybe I should go to the gym to get some muscles.

When you’re not writing, do you read other people’s scripts? I’ve worked with a lot of actors, directors, writers, and producers. I like people who talk about the writing process.

Do you have a preferred style for a script? I try to stay pretty true to whatever I think it must need. It also helps that the whole movie is based on a certain plot I’ve thought up. I can go down all the way down to the character’s backstory, because I know it all intimately. The more I know the story, the more comfortable people can act.

What made you start writing movies? Maybe it was a way to entertain my kids. I was never good at drawing. That’s all my kids knew.

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Did writing lead you to get more comfortable being an actor? You can get comfortable with almost anything. You should always have a goal. It may not look like a goal to everyone around you, but there it is.

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