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There are actually two questions. One question is, who gets paid the least? The second question is, in how many movies have the highest-paid actor had a movie win best director?

Here, for the purposes of this analysis, I’m only taking the median. For every movie, I look at two actors: one who is a first-time director and one who is a first-time actor. I look at the median, of course, because a movie can go to one person or another.

I find that there is actually more money paid in a movie by a first-time director relative to a first-time actor than there is in a movie by a first-time actor relative to a first-time director (this happens for every movie, not just the 10 best). This has to do with the fact that first-time directors are more rare than first-time actors (1/2000 of their number of films). Also, a lot of directors in a movie are second-time directors, so this means that, in a movie where there is only a first-time director, you would expect the first-time actor to also be a first-time director (because of the probability).

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On the other hand, a lot of movies have a first-time director relative to a first-time actor that are the same quality (though less financially successful) than a movie where a first-time director was a first-time actor.

Also in this category are a lot of movies where, though there are many more actors in the movie, we know that the first-time director, of the same quality, is a first-time director.

As the movie points up, the median-pay is around $300,000, if you take a median of films in a year, while the median-pay is usually around $200,000 with the most successful films. A second-time director’s salary, relative to a first-time director, is only around $50,000, while a second-time actor’s is also around $50,000.

Is there anything else I’m missing?

Thanks to the way Hollywood rewards, or penalizes, stars, it’s tempting to get ahead with great acting, for example, and then have your movie get the bad reviews you thought it wasn’t going to have. I haven’t seen much of this, though, until you consider who the other actors in a movie are, and

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