Can I learn guitar at 30? – Guitar Lessons Online Free For Beginners Acoustic

No, not if you want to be a successful guitarist. But it’s worth trying.

Can I learn classical music if I’d like a degree in classical music?

No, that’s also a great way to go.

What’s the best way to find out what songs are hot and what new music?

The internet has allowed me too many options so you can find all sorts of music online. And of course it would be great if you could get a record deal with a label, but the truth is that a majority don’t happen that easy these days.

I get a lot of emails from music teachers asking me to give out music reviews when music is out on vinyl in stores, just so they can get a review. Can you give me a rundown on all the music review sites out there?

There are tons of them if that’s your thing. Here are a few that you may want to check out:

The most interesting site that I have been on lately has been my favorite music blog, . The reviews there are really quite amazing, and I recommend getting their latest article on everything that is happening in Hip Hop. I also check out some good music blogs on my email list (not as much as the other three above).

The big music blogs I want to follow right now (including yours truly!) are: and

Also, I check my favorite music bloggers on reddit at: /r/music

Can I get a master copy of your CDs to keep as a backup?

Please don’t use this. CDs are great! But as of now, they aren’t very available on the web. If you want to keep copies of any CDs, buy the CD from a record store. But if you want to sell CDs or distribute them, I suggest selling copies from your website. You could get a good mark up (i.e. $3 from the internet, $5 from record stores) for your copies and keep it for your own use.

Can I buy your music on cd or digital download

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