Can I learn guitar at 30?

You’ve got to get into a groove in order to learn anything, and if one of your skills is the ability to hold your own in a crowd, then you can begin to carve out some big solo parts. For some guitarists, this means learning the same songs over and over again. It also means you can start to make good decisions about what to play in each session.

For others, learning is about the difference between “good” and “great” solos on different songs. It means you’re constantly discovering songs that sound and feel new and exciting. With so many great ideas to try out, how long does it take to find something that’s good?

Getting the most from each session is a skill that takes time and a lot of work; the more time you spend looking for that magic sound, the more you’ll need the rest of your life.

In the next part, it gets a little more concrete, so get your gear out and take a listen to what our instructor, Scott Eades, is talking about.
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Are there any guitars that have a better sound than the Fender Stratocaster?

I used to be a big Fender Stratocaster fan, but eventually moved to a Gibson SG because it’s easy to play, and I wanted something that was closer to the sound of my Strat. But I’ve heard that Strat-style amps are really, really popular for those who want to get into the groove aspect of the music.

I always wanted to get into a groove; if you want to get down to that jazz groove, you’ve got to have the music and the right tools with you. For guitarists, a guitar is the right tool – not the song, not the mood, but the guitar is the right tool.

Why use a Stratocaster instead of a Les Paul when soloing?

It’s definitely easier to learn on a Strat since it’s the same size and shape as a Les Paul but it’s a lot lighter in weight. With a Les Paul you’ll wind up having to stop the guitar quite a bit since it’s heavier.

But I’m just going to say one more thing…I’ve heard those Les Pauls are so good. I didn’t want to have a Les Paul in my guitar case, so I took one of my guitars and built a combo guitar with it.

I’ve been to so many shows where the guitarist was so awesome, I got