Can I learn to play guitar at 65?

Guitar is a slow, skill-based game and we’d advise that anyone looking to pick up guitar at an earlier age, or who is just starting out, stick with it. If you do decide to go ahead and try learning guitar though, you’ll still need to master some of the basics such as basic fingerpicking and chord patterns – if you’re new to this then we recommend visiting our comprehensive beginner’s guitar guide.

Why is it called Guitar Tutankhamun instead of Tutankhamun?

No-one really knows or remembers just why the name Tutankhamun appears in the text. One story says it simply meant “son of God”, while another says it refers to the god’s own brother – a connection that has been used by Islam through various deities. Whatever the case, no-one seems to agree on who was responsible for its creation.

The first mention of Tutankhamun dates back to AD 851 and is thought to have been written by Joseph and/or his wife Isis for the purpose of teaching their new son and grandson about their respective gods. As the account goes, it was originally written “from Tut” (meaning “grandson”), and when Isis decided to switch it into a “tut” (meaning “grand-son”) her penmanship was noted to be slightly different. However, it is unclear what she was trying to say when “Tutankhamun”, “tut” or “tutankhatamun” became the name of the god that was to be their son and grandson.

By the reign of Tut, Egyptian priests were writing down the oral version of “tut” but there have been suggestions that their writing is actually more like Hebrew than Egyptian. Tut isn’t believed to have been born out of wedlock and he’s thought to have had children by his own mother Isis, so there is a suspicion that the name Tutankhamun may have been coined in reference to Isis or her son.

Although it’s not believed that the Egyptians ever invented the concept of God, there is much to suggest the Egyptian’s did have the concept of God – the first gods of the universe had already been created.

Who inspired Tut?

It’s easy to see why this child-god would inspire people to get into the habit of worshipping his name – they’d have to be doing something special to deserve such a powerful, powerful name and that special thing was playing guitar.

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