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Well, you’ve probably already heard how incredible it is to learn to play an instrument, especially music. However, learning to play a guitar can be harder than it seems at first, or more difficult than you think. Let me provide you with some of our most popular resources for learning guitar.

A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Guitar

If you’re a beginner looking to move on in the guitar learning process, this book is a great place to start. The author, Scott Miller of Triton Guitar, provides detailed information about how to play chords, how to practice fretting, how to play scales, and what to do once you’re able to solo on the guitar. At times, it covers topics that you may not be interested in learning, like soloing or the concept of harmonica.

Triton Guitar is a great resource for guitar beginners with both beginner and advanced level of talent.

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Learning Guitar Through Musicians’ Asses

If you want to learn guitar in a way a musician’s ass can teach you, this book is a great entry point. This book is written from a musical perspective, so there are many guitar songs or musicians’ asses the author can learn from, especially when you have a hard time learning a certain chord structure or chord progression.

While learning these songs, there are lessons, such as those relating to playing lead instrument, scales, chord changes, and how to learn an entire scale line at a time. This book is extremely detailed and a great read.

Moral Music Learning Guide

Moral Music Learning Guide is written by former jazz and classical guitarist James R. Brown, and while it was written quite recently, it provides a really great way to learn guitar and rhythm.

The book is a simple overview of some of the techniques found in popular classical and jazz guitarists, along with notes to build muscle memory, exercises to work on on your guitar, and how to tune up an over-sized scale. The book is really great and has been recommended on this site as one of the best ways to learn guitar at an affordable price (around $10-15).

To begin learning, I recommend learning this book in order from the beginning, and the best way to do this is to actually listen to what your instructor is teaching and practice every day. That may take many, many hours, but when you’re ready, it’s a really good way to learn a lot of new things. For instance,

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