Can I teach myself guitar?

Yes. As is the case with any subject, there is plenty of information out there to help you, no matter how little you know.

Some basic guitar fundamentals are as follows:

1. Pick up

Many guitar teachers will start using pick-up drills with their students, starting with a warm-up pattern of playing a chord, chord progression, or pattern and then increasing the number of pickups as the student develops their ability.

However, the most important element that must always be studied is the relationship between the picking hand and the fretboard. If a student picks with his or her own picking hand, the only way to change things is to add the pick to the hands of another student.

Practice the following pick-up pattern. Begin by playing a single string pattern. Then change the picking hand by placing your own finger just above the frets. Once your picking hand can pick a single string pattern while playing the pattern, add the pick to the other hand. This technique will develop both the pick and thumb to a great degree. Now practice the following pattern and change the picking hand. The pick and thumb should continue to develop as soon as possible, and only then will you really be able to get the most out of it.

Pick-up pattern (2.5)

Pick up pattern (3.5) Now you can practice picking up on the bass.

Pick-up pattern (4.5)

Pick up pattern (5.5)

Pick up technique (6.5)

Practice these exercises and improve the picking hand and thumb in different songs. You may start playing in front of a crowd by the time you are eight or nine years old, and by the time you’re twenty you will know the entire repertoire of songs on the guitar.

Do you learn a new song by watching YouTube videos?

Watching videos doesn’t help you gain knowledge for many things. This is true for anything, and any musical skill can take decades of practice before you truly master something.

This isn’t a bad thing at all. Rather it is part of the way music and instruction was originally developed, to teach the student how to move the right way for a particular instrument. It is just how we evolved as a species.

The fact of the matter is that every musician I know has at least once learned a new instrumental instrument through watching videos on YouTube, and has been completely unable to take