Can you learn guitar at 30? – How To Learn Guitar Tabs Beginners Workout


You’ll become a guitar maniac

And you’ll spend every waking moment you’re able in pursuit of music.

Your parents will be a little pissed if you do music.

So tell them, if you don’t already,

There’s no time for music

And if you get in a scrap,

You can blame ’em for it

You will spend every moment, every hour to learn your way to “music”

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And no amount of selflessness on the part of your parents

Will be enough

For you to “get there.”

If you do music,

You’ll never get there

You will take years of your time to learn the basics, yet

Never feel like you’ve truly gotten there,

And your parents will be sad, in a good way.

How to read music

Most guitar players do it wrong

Like I told you that lesson about not looking at words,

And if you want to read music, start with the simplest parts,

Read the note names and numbers first so you understand how

There’s one note for each fret of a guitar fret board.

The guitar’s in the other hand.

Each notes in a note list or note chart

has their own color of light or shadow to represent.

When you follow the notes, you will be able to see how to play.

Don’t worry if you can’t see.

Once you start reading notes or notes in chart form,

You’ll understand why the notes are called for, it won’t sound confusing at all.

And you’ll feel like you’re “getting there” to music, you get there

By following the notes, you see where your hands are

and you’ll understand all the notes, no matter where the song plays.

And if you can’t see, don’t worry.

In most cases you’ll just need to play a few notes and you’ll know the song.

And once you play your 1st-3rd chords

you’ll understand how many notes are on each fret and how they are played

Each note in a chart, it’s called a “shape.”

But let’s say

You’re a great guitarist, maybe your hands are really big,

Or some notes are so small that you don’t see

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