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You can learn guitar chords using the guitar tabs. Learn how to start creating chord progressions at Homepage.

This music for The Witcher 3 comes from the game by CD Projekt Red.

It’s that time of year again, when people start looking to get out and see the Northern Lights for themselves. After years of seeing only the Northern Lights the previous year and nothing for several decades, you’re bound to get excited about seeing the North Star again. If you’ve got your tickets, you’ll need to plan ahead to do just that, as it’s going to be a crazy night with this new show at the Great Hall that’s being dubbed “The Northern Lights of Santa Clara County.”

On Wednesday night, at 8:30 pm, a team of people, led by photographer/activist Josh Brown, and filmmaker Jeremy Rinella, will take their craft to a new world: the Great Hall of the Cathedral of St Mary of the Assumption. There, they’ll spend the night on stage performing the Northern Lights of Santa Clara County, performing everything from live aerial footage to live 360 aerial footage. The show will be a collaboration, in which Rinella and his co-founder Brown will work to make the show as immersive as possible.

“This show needs to be a one-of-a-kind experience,” Brown said in a press release issued Monday afternoon. “We are putting on an amazing show, but we also love our subjects and want people to experience the Northern Lights of Santa Clara County in a new way. We are proud to be part of an amazing team of filmmakers that is helping to bring this show to fruition in a new environment and on a global scale.”

That’s what the Great Hall is really all about, though.

“The Great Hall is a state-of-the-art lighting exhibition space that is dedicated to the concept or art of the Northern Lights, the sky lit with them, and, especially, how these colors change through light in our landscape,” the release reads. “The Great Hall is the only venue in the region hosting a fully functioning light show using the aurora borealis, a meteorological phenomenon that occurs over the North Atlantic Ocean at the northern latitudes. Since our installation began in 2009, the exhibition has seen thousands of people from all over the world and continues to grow, attracting thousands more visitors each year.

“We can’t wait to play this show at the Great Hall! We are

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