How can I learn guitar chords fast?

There is no magic trick, it is how you practice. This section is all about practicing guitar chord changes quickly, using a few practice apps that will help you understand the progression clearly. If you want to learn guitar chords quickly, you can use these apps below! If you have any questions regarding guitar chords, simply ask or add questions in the comment section.

The app for all the apps is also available here:

Guitar Chords App

This app is a free one and has tons of useful features, this is the app I recommend using for learning guitar chord changes in our Guitar Chords course. It works very well for learning chords quickly even though it uses a lot of the screen real estate. All of the tabs are large and legible so it’s very easy to learn. It includes chords for every scale, as well as advanced chord theory. The app is also useful as a practice aid to help you learn guitar and it is in-app purchase. You can download it here:

Guitar Chords App

I often recommend this free guitar learning app by guitar icon, it is fantastic and works very well. It comes with 3 versions of guitar chords, 1) Standard and 2) Barre chords for both beginners and experienced guitar players. These are a better and more useful formality of learning guitar chord changes using barre chords as an extension of the standard chords. After learning the barre variations of the chords, you can continue with the standard chords or create your own chords to practice the next scale or song. You can download the app here:

Guitar Chords App

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My favorite guitar learning app of all time is The Fretted Guitar App. It has a ton of great features, and the interface is a great thing to feel comfortable with and use the app for practicing with. The app has tabs that go along with each chord which makes for quick and clear learning. As a guitar teacher, you can see the progression and memorize the scale from bar to bar and it is an easy task to do. The app is also completely free. You can download it here:

The Fretted Guitar App

Another great app for learning guitar is the Stereotronix app. The app is great and very easy to use. The interface is very user friendly and easy to find the chords on top tabs. The app has tons of different tabs so it’s not too hard to find the chords you want from the app. There are 6