How can I make money playing guitar lessons?

There are many different ways to make money playing guitar lessons. There are a few different options for you:

You may want to try out a guitar instructor online for a few hours. Your instructor will teach you everything you need to know to play guitar.

You may get someone to play guitar for you at your school. Your school will pay you for playing for some of your students. This usually isn’t a huge amount of money.

You may write an email to someone. You may choose a person to play for you at a party or meet up with a few more friends you’ve invited. This will cost a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the venue.

You may ask for a money order to buy your supplies, but remember — this may be too much work and time. Try the money order option if you’re worried about it.

If you’re planning on attending a guitar class, be ready to pay a few hundred dollars just so you can meet someone before you leave.

What types of guitar lessons will earn me money?

Here’s a look at some types of lessons you may want to consider giving to make some money.

Teach-in guitar classes

Teach-in guitar classes are a great way to learn guitar if you don’t have friends to play with. They take place on an open area of an empty floor. You may be asked to give a few hours of lessons.

The classes usually last around 15-20 minutes. After your lesson you’ll have $25 to $50 to get your gear ready for the next session. The most important thing to know is to never sell your equipment, especially if the class is overpriced!

If you are not interested in teaching in-person, then you will most certainly need to find an instructor. Teachers often charge $99 or more per lesson. Check your school’s website for prices.

School fees

School fees tend to be lower than those for other classes for the same amount of money. Many private school and private universities charge similar prices.

There are several different methods to make money playing guitar at school. Either you need to be an active student (see What are guitar lessons for?), or you can volunteer your classes. I won’t go into details here — it’s best to read up on the school’s website and what types of lessons they offer on how to work up from zero to profit-making status.