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Most guitarists will have many or many-many guitars. If you have more guitars than you can afford, consider buying a used guitar and have a local musician help at the shop. If you have more pianos or other instruments, consider finding a rental center and have them help you select and play each instrument. There is so much music available at your local record store or CD shop that your local shop will have instruments in a wide variety of prices, styles, and ages. Don’t hesitate to check out online stores such as Music World, Guitar Center, or Guitar Hero World if you need guitar or bass for a party or concert or if there is an artist you want to purchase your bass or guitar from.

Can I mix and match all my instruments?

If you’re building a party/concert setup, don’t forget to build all of your instruments in a variety of different types of sound and feel. It’s always a good idea to play with instruments that are similar to other instruments of your type of style you can play, like the Fender Jumbo Electric Bass or Fender Super-Sonic Bass. Also, don’t forget that many genres of music can be played on multiple instruments at the same time. Think about how you will play the songs you are playing, whether they are jazz, rock, or classical. Don’t forget, too, that you are limited only by what you have in the studio.

How much do these instruments cost?

Most electric basses and guitars are in the two-figure range (usually around $500). The first bass for which I can give pricing I know of is the Martin Mark IV Deluxe Bass. The Mark I Deluxe Bass was available for $450 in 1995. The basses of comparable value are the Bassman X5 Bass ($500-$600), The Fender Bassman X7 Bass ($200) and the Custom Electric Bass ($450). These prices are conservative and are not exact. The price ranges as higher for each model and most are in the $500-$600 range – not all models. Of the many model ranges of basses, the two most common ones are the $800 range and the $1,000 range.

What is the biggest difference between a bass and a guitar/piano?
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The main difference is the pickups and pickups are what make the guitar good or bad. The bass bass has a solid top and has all of the features one normally expects from a bass and one would hope for from

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