How do u tune a guitar?

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When tuning a guitar its a matter of some simple math.

When you begin by tuning the guitar itself your fretting hand will be using the first string of the pickup or other instrument and then begin to move to the next string until your finger is no longer able to feel the string. The goal is to move over to the next string quickly and accurately. If this is not done then the guitar will not produce any sustain.

Your first finger is the top string and is called #1. You are not allowed to play it unless the tuning is good.

Fretting on this is easy in my opinion, if your finger is not too long the tone and intensity of the pitch will not affect you but if it is too short you will never get the tone/intensity.

If you’re playing something that does not need to be played from a bridge, like a mandolin you have two options. If you want the sound of the mandolin, you can use the second hand string of that instrument to produce it.

If you’re playing something you like to play on a guitar you can take the top string of that instrument, the E string on the fret board or other open string, and you’ll find that the tone and intensity will be greater.

Once you have moved the finger to the next string, the tuning goes by the power chord scale, which means that the pitch can either be played or it can’t.

You will need to know the power scale but if you have never played an instrument and are unsure about how much pitch you can play, the tuning system will tell you.

So for example if you have to play an A on a guitar and the A on the neck is D# but on the fret board it will be a C# when viewed from above, then from below and again below, etc. There will be an A# and your first finger will need to be on the #1 string. If you had to use your fingers on your guitar’s A, then the pitch would be different. If it was a B then the guitar would be tuned to the same pitch as the guitar A.

This is why most guitar players start out with a D tuning, or even more often, a C tuning because this will be most effective for them.

The easiest way is to tune on a guitar, or in this case tuning the guitar string to the power chord it is most suitable for.

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