How long does it take to learn guitar? – Learning Guitar Chords Books

Learning, learning and bettering yourself! (But don’t worry too much about the length… it’s all about the process!)

How does a beginner play?

Just like a good guitar player, there are no rules, only practice!

So how much has playing been your experience?

Well… it depends a bit on what you consider an “experience”. What I mean it that having lived with guitar for a while, you may have more knowledge and experience that you think, since you’ve used it for a while. On the other hand, my experience over the years has been relatively minimal, and if something I’ve learned has not worked well I’ve probably just not been getting better at it.

What is your best, most useful guitar lesson?

There’s no such thing as “best” guitar lessons; you’ve got to focus on the skills you want, and then go out of your way to put them to use. So for me the best lessons are ones that have helped me improve a ton over time, but I’ve tried to give them all different chances to have their “birther.”

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