How much do guitar lessons cost per hour? – Learn Guitar Chords Pictures With Hands Raised

It depends which one you take, but the general trend is you should expect to pay between $25 to $40 per hour. If you take a three hour course, you can expect to pay up to $100 per hour: $80 to $110 from a music theory level course is typical. A beginner course costs less than 20% of that. So if you want to become a guitar player but you need some guitar instruction in the meantime (or you have the money to spend on the time), a three-hour course will work for you.

What happens if you’re not sure what to study?

If you are unsure and are reading these articles, ask yourself, “Am I looking for specific skills in the guitar? Or am I looking for the most efficient way to acquire music theory?” The vast majority of guitar instruction is focused more on learning songs and scales. What you need are songs, scales, and song lessons. To that end, you have a ton of resources out there for free download on the Internet, from books and podcasts to YouTube videos. Some even offer “freemium” packages like guitar lessons, teaching apps, and so forth, that require little to no cost in order to keep their free offerings in line. If you are willing to shell out $40 or more per day, or you don’t have enough money to spare and are in a rush to get into guitar, I’d be more hesitant to ask you to take a class.

If you are not sure what to study and need to be persuaded to take lessons, I would be more comfortable asking you whether you want to use a single resource or have more options, like free software to customize lessons and instruments, as an alternative. While that may sound like it would be a smart use of time, this advice isn’t universal. Many guitar students who take the classes I’ve mentioned above are going in knowing that they don’t actually need to study specific guitar content in particular to become successful. They just need to be comfortable playing and playing consistently. Some people may not be able to afford that and may even find that this approach doesn’t work for them. Many times, I’ve seen guitar teachers just start a lesson and then forget to do any of the other things I mentioned in the article above. That’s okay, though. Many guitars come pre-programmed for these newbies, and we want them to use exactly what we tell them to play so they will be satisfied with the end result.


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