How much is a decent guitar? – Easy To Learn Guitar Songs Smoke Gets

According to these numbers, the average Joe out there can expect to have a guitar with a price tag of $45k before taxes. That’s pretty nice in comparison to the $20k that a solid body guitar has left to its owner on average. The same guitar will probably cost around $250 or $300 when fully assembled, although as I mentioned before, I think the majority of people are going to decide that’s not worth it. If you want to try your luck and get a decent guitar at a great price – you’ve won.

There are a couple of things that you need before you can start playing guitar at this price for your own play. You first need to buy a guitar. If you want a solid body or a rosewood stringed instrument, you shouldn’t have any problems finding a quality one. There are plenty of good options out there. For the purpose of this article and others like it on the website, I’ll focus mainly on acoustic guitars because they’re the ones in which you see the most people buying these days.

The second thing are the accessories. Most guitars are going to cost around $250 or $300 for accessories – a good-quality guitar is going to have at least a few of them. The main reason to go a bit more or less expensive is because there are some accessories that you’ll want to consider buying in bulk if you’re looking for a bigger variety.

Lastly, you need a good teacher to teach you how to play – it’s always nice to know someone you can use in order to learn and improve. You can find a guitar teacher using any variety of services – you can even find private lessons if you like. Some teachers are more expensive than others but you’ll see most of them are in the $100k-$175k range when you’re shopping around (I’d say the average teacher is around $80k with 3-4 years of experience), although prices can vary considerably.

And then you should consider how your instrument will perform and how it fits in with your lifestyle, so you can choose which instrument suits you better.


Now you probably have a pretty good idea of how much a decent guitar will cost you if you want to try this DIY guitar making idea. If you’re looking for help learning guitar or you simply want to play guitar more thoroughly, I’d highly recommend that you check out some of my other tutorials, which include a lot of tips and ways to get your guitar building business started.

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