How much is a decent guitar?

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The best way to figure out what’s reasonable for that specific price point is to go to a guitar store. Look for guitars with the same type of body, neck, and pickups as your guitar. Check the measurements on the site or ask someone with a similar style to do it for you, they’ll likely be happy to help.

If they can tell you what gauge, number of frets, and fretted-off range, that instrument probably isn’t a quality guitar. I haven’t heard a decent guitar worth $100 that hasn’t had a ton of work done to it before shipment!

Some examples of good guitars with a reasonable price range include:

G3, G3 Deluxe, ES, G3 Tele, and SGs

G3 Deluxe

G3 Tele


Rhodes, Fender, Vintage, Custom

G3 Telecaster

Ibanez XJ and XJ2

Tribute, Les Paul Standard Electric


G3 Telecaster

G1, G1 Tele

What about guitars with high-quality parts, but prices sky-rocket? You likely aren’t going to get anything like these – the same parts used for a guitar costing four times as much.

Let’s go from there!

Why you shouldn’t buy one that makes too much money

You need to pay close attention to the parts used on any guitar – there are hundreds of ways that they could or could not work. It isn’t impossible that the guitar will give you trouble when you start getting into tuning and playing, because guitars are very complicated machines.

But there’s also a huge selection of guitars with great parts, and they’re rarely cheap! Take a look at this list.

Guitar parts prices can be tricky to read…

There are often two things in play here – how much a guitar costs and what price range that guitar covers. For example, the new Gibson Les Paul Standard Electric has one pickup, one humbucker, a single volume and tone coil, a standard volume pedal, and a bridge switch. It’s a pretty standard guitar as far as guitars go. Compare it to the Les Paul Standard Telecaster. Both have similar necks, and their bridges are the exact same but their pickups have different output and tone shapes. The first model has a single volume and tone coil, while the second has a humbucker and single