How much should I pay for guitar lessons?

There is no single, hard and clear answer to this question. The best guidance is probably to figure out why you’re learning a specific instrument and how you’re learning it. Find an instrument you enjoy playing a lot, spend time practicing it and find out what the best practice tips are.

If you don’t have music classes every day, you probably won’t be going to guitar lessons anyway, so figure out other ways to spend your time without a guitar. In other words, it’s not a “curse” to go to guitar lessons. It’s a bonus.

How much time should I spend per lesson?

In general, you should spend about two hours per lesson. If you’re going to be playing on a schedule every day, then this should be one-half hour per day. The other half of your time should be dedicated to your practice schedule, which I’ll discuss in more detail in a second. It’s fine if you feel the need to spend more if you want to, but spend some extra time on your practice routine before you start lessons!

What if I’m already good with guitar? How will I improve with guitar?

If you have the time, it’s really easy.

I know a few people who just don’t have access to guitar. This might be because they live in a small town outside of town, or because they’re not in the habit of playing at clubs when school is out. I don’t blame them. It’s tough for them to be in a situation where they have no options. But don’t let that stop them from studying for something they are passionate about!

If you’re like me, you have a hobby that you find very fun, and you play guitar to get the adrenaline rush of practicing on music that you know is perfect to play. The only problem is that you can’t afford to spend that much time practicing every day. So how can you train yourself to play on guitar, without breaking your budget? Start by putting yourself through free practice classes and make sure that you keep yourself under time for that session of your choice.

You can also make your practice routine as flexible as you need it to be, and get away from “practice every day”. That will make it easy to stay motivated, and also to stay motivated without overdoing it because you’re so passionate about your music!

If you want to take a little bit more on your guitar journey, that can be a good option