How much should I pay for guitar lessons?

The answer is more than you think.

I have an estimate number for each instrument based on my experience, but if you don’t have a guitar, there are more experienced guitar teachers on Youtube who can help you out.

It’s also worth noting that as with anything, the costs will vary depending on the teacher’s experience, the student’s skill level and the amount of time spent with the teacher.

Online Guitar Lessons
Let’s say the teacher has been playing in rock bands for a decade. He’s a professional but very popular – and could charge upwards of $400 – because of this.

When you ask him why he charges $400 per hour for an hour of music instruction, it should be because of this huge popularity.

This is how it works: (source)

In addition to the musician fees he makes from his gigs, you’ll probably need to pay his student a portion of his fee to take the class and to make arrangements for the music supplies.

If this sounds expensive, it is, but it’s nothing you can’t make work for you.

If your student isn’t too into music, you can probably figure out how much you can pay by doing some calculations with your budget and your skills.

For example, I think I would be able to break even with a class I took with a friend. My budget was relatively small because I wasn’t looking for much in the beginning, but as I got into the rhythm section and got better with the guitar, I can see the financial savings.

That is the basic model, you need to research the costs of the classes you want. It’s also very important that the teacher is flexible, so that if your student gets bored of a lesson they can go elsewhere or come back to it later.

Do you charge a lot for your lessons?

I’m in the process of writing a short course to teach guitar lessons on the whole range of instruments, and it could be a good idea to get a quote, to give you a rough idea of the cost of learning. There are other benefits to this as well, such as avoiding the overspending of a tutor who only charges extra for taking their class in between one gig and another.

What about the quality of lessons?

When looking for a guitar teacher – I like to go on YouTube and view examples of instructors teaching other musicians.

The instructor must have some actual guitar (or other instrument) experience in order