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As an 18-year-old, I was asked to join a music ensemble with an average of 2-3 bands a week! However, I could only play guitar a few notes off the average, and was constantly asked to play louder! I didn’t know how to play guitar, and as a result, could only do so much! That being said, I went on to learn and perform every possible guitar style, from the clean classical to the funk to the jazz. With about 10 years of experience between me and my mentors, when I was about 19 and started playing professionally, I was already a good enough musician to start performing in bands and other venues. It was only then that I decided to start my own guitar company – “Play It Again!”

Have you ever been accepted into any music school?

Yes. The only schools I did not accept were Berklee, UCLA, and the University of Hawaii. At Berklee, you would receive a BA in Music or a BS in music education from the Berklee College of Music. At UCLA, they would teach you a BA in Music education, then give you a Certificate in musical performance from the Loyola Los Angeles School of Performing Arts. In Hawaii, after a year of study they would give you the MS in Musical Performance. As far as I know, they do no diploma in music education.

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Do you see any differences between music schools in regards to how they teach music?

I have never been accepted into any of the following, and it is mostly due to the differences in their requirements. Berklee, UCLA, and the University of Hawaii are the only three schools I was accepted into that required a Bachelor’s Degree in music in order to apply. Berklee College of Music is the only institution that requires both a BA Degree and a MA degree in music education/musician education (e.g., a Doctor of Musical Arts). At Berklee, the goal of the BMA in music education is to encourage the music industry to develop a music education curriculum in the interest of the performing arts and not just the music industry. I have been lucky to attend Berklee since the 1970’s, and I still go into concert with an understanding that I will never be admitted in any of these schools.

Do you take a class to improve your musical skills?

Yes, I do take one course per semester to improve my musical skills and develop my repertoire. In the fall and winter semester, I do a music therapy

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