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While there have been reports of 17-year-olds who play guitar at the local music club but can’t play the instrument at all, it seems that 18-year-olds are as capable as their 19-year-old counterparts, although this varies from person to person. While you’ve got to be 18 to sit beside someone in a guitar shop, in most cases, they don’t really need it.

19-year-olds seem to be the ideal age for learning to play any sort of instrument, provided they have the time and enthusiasm. So if you’re out trying to get new music on your iPods and your iPhone, you might want to try to persuade everyone else to join you, too.

19 years is way too young to learn guitar!

I know of at least one 16-year-old who can’t sing, and in fact, has a very poor singing voice. The fact that he can write his name in the top-left corner of a piece of paper instead of “Swinging from left to right” is also a huge plus. The singer in question would be more than a step too advanced to actually get onstage performing.

The guitar is a very different animal than singing, and the only reason anyone would use learning to be a means to an end is if they want to sit amongst their favourite artists and talk about them. I can only imagine the problems with this.

The guitar is not necessarily a necessity in any particular case (although if you want to learn to play the guitar and want to avoid getting in a fist-fight with anyone who’s younger than you, then it’s pretty sensible to learn to play, which is probably the best solution). It’s not the end all beall of all forms of learning.

The guitar is the instrument that makes musicians like me happy, not the other way around.

As for older music fans, please don’t turn 19 and stop learning. It’s only been 25 years, and you’ve got to remember that music has changed so much. It’s a great time to be learning though, so don’t worry about making it seem like a big deal if you go on a date (because dating might be something you have to take off). That’s part of why I’m here so that I can explain this stuff to you, just like I did when I was 21.
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As far as ‘how old have I got?’ goes, if you’re on a journey to

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