Is 22 too old to learn guitar? – How To Learn Guitar Scales Easily Digested

(Yes, it is, and no, I’m not judging you or judging you.)

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1. The age you should learn guitar

If you’re an adult, then by all means, learn guitar. But that doesn’t mean the 21- to 25-year-old who listens to guitar will start playing right away.

In the first few months of a guitarist’s life, learning guitar probably seems like the easy part. If you follow this formula: play an instrument you love (I’ll admit I was one of these kids), play it on guitar, and then move on to the next one, you’ll get great sound and learn to read music. But you’ll never pick up an instrument unless you can really play those pieces. I’m not talking just to say it’s not easy—that’s a valid point, one that can be argued and argued and argued over and over and over and over… And as someone who’s lived in the studio for three years, you already know that.

But what about the other 20 percent? These people know about guitar, even if they never played guitar on stage—it’s something they know how to do. They don’t need to sit in this uncomfortable zone all day, year after year. I promise you, when you do play at festivals, you don’t sit there with your feet in the studio all day, year after year, trying to memorise “Achilles’ heel” or “Jelly Roll Morton” or whatever. They’ll know that and the rest of us will, too.

2. The age I should learn guitar

I hope you have some perspective: What’s the point in learning how to play a guitar even if you’re 23? If you can play some standard songs, then that’s better than 20 years of sitting in my parents’ basement all day, year after year, going through a bunch of songs from the ’30s or ’40s until I didn’t know what I was doing. If you have some basic musical skills already, you can learn to read music. You can pick up scales and chords and whatnot. But that’s not what you’re going for if you’re going to learn to become a great musician. You need to be a master of what you’re playing, and the best way to learn what you’re playing are to be able to play it and see if you can do something with it that you didn’t know you could do before. If you’re lucky enough to

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