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No! It can be learned as fast as you can sing by adults who are in excellent physical condition.

How can I learn guitar?

Just play! There are many music courses (and sites) to choose from. You can learn about the history of music, listen to some great songs, or learn the basics of music theory. All in between.

Why won’t I find a place to practice guitar?

There are many reasons, some of which come into play later. Some places will want students to sign up if they like, so they have an identity to work with. Others would be happy to have a little bit of your business in their back-room. It doesn’t hurt to be a little creative and give someone something to see. Just look around.

I’m young and don’t know anything about music. What if I can’t find an activity?

You’re in the right place. There are many guitar groups to look at, some of which are in your local area. There seems to be a great deal of interest in musical skills. You can find a lot of helpful music information, such as a list of guitar lessons and other helpful links.

My friend and I found a group through an online site. Is this a scam?

There are definitely scams, just a few of the many, and there’s always some potential for a scam by a small business trying to sell stuff in the hope that the “newcomer” will fall for it. I would be surprised to hear that they are really based in Colorado.

What should I wear while playing?

Nothing is too out of the ordinary while playing guitar. I recommend wearing a t-shirt or a sweatshirt, and a pair of sneakers, for the best combination of fashion and protection. I’d still recommend you learn to play on an empty guitar case. (Some people, of course, will wear a violin to help with the vibrations. It’s up to these folks to buy their own violin.)
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Is it okay to wear sweatpants and a skirt?

Yes! It can be a little rough to wear pants with your neck out. Be aware that your back could be sore afterward, especially if you’re wearing a lot of shirts. I recommend avoiding the pants if you can, or just using them for the warmth of the fabric. You can even wear your tights and flip flops. I’ve seen girls in full tights, running through

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