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Let me give it to you.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a request for information from the White House over how it deals with the use of the private email account of President Donald Trump.

The bureau’s Freedom of Information Act requests were sent to Office of the U.S. President (OIP) and White House Visitors Bureau on May 9.

A copy of the request shows that OIP responded to the FBI after the request was submitted, and provided a response saying that the White House will continue to provide its records to the public.

The request for information requests were sent by the FBI’s Freedom of Information act Unit. The request is dated on April 12, 2017.

The document from the FBI shows that White House staff are still getting an email address for the president’s personal account. The request states that the email address for the account for visitors is: [email protected]

The request for information requests are a standard part of FOIA requests — requests that require the production of documents within a certain time frame. If an agency declines to provide records to a request or does not produce those records within the requested time frame, the agency must make a public release or provide a response within 15 business days.

The White House’s response to the bureau on the request states that all records produced are available for inspection on the website.

There is no indication from the bureau that the request was denied in any way.

It’s an important aspect of transparency that the information that is produced will be scrutinized for the extent of its existence. At the moment, one could only tell if the request is true or false based on who the requestor is and where they’re sending the request. The OIP would, at this point, be looking at how the bureau handled this particular request.

As for how the email address Trump used was obtained, it is quite possible that this could have happened through legal, improper means. This isn’t a slam dunk. But it is likely.

Trump’s tweet last week has come off as a little surprising, given reports in recent days about the private email service, Clinton.

Clinton’s use of the private email system was a breach, and many people were upset about it. Trump’s use of Twitter during the campaign was also a controversial way for presidents to communicate in a public setting with those outside their team, who sometimes don’t want to hear from them or they prefer talking with people like themselves

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