Is guitar easier to play than piano?

– “This is the worst. Now I know why it takes so long to write music. I have played my first gig on a piano at a music school, but I felt so guilty, because I always loved making music and I never felt good about making music. And then I joined the band, and I’m doing this concert and a lot of people know the band because of their songs, and some people want autographs, so I decided to go to their tour, and I realized that I’d have all the time in the world to play. I don’t feel bad right now!”

– There are two types of drummers…

– one who just wants to have fun playing their instrument…

– and more of an obsessive-compulsive type who does it to the death.

– Most guitarists, drummers, etc., do not have this problem.

– So I ask you, how do you overcome the fear of doing something you hate so much?

– “Sometimes I just have to try very hard. Sometimes after I play a long period of time… I realize that I don’t actually like music… It gets easier and easier to do it.”

– Do you ever feel guilty about being like this?

– “No, not at all…”, he says. “I love it, and that’s why I play this instrument, so I want to be happy with it.”

He also had a little joke, where he says “I can’t believe I didn’t know this about guitar lessons.”

– A few weeks ago, in London, there was a big international concert there with a band called the Electric Light Orchestra. And it was amazing. They’re famous worldwide, because they played all the classical music of the world, including the Beatles. You can listen to the setlist on YouTube, and everyone is singing, dancing, jumping up and down. And all their instruments are really good. So after their concert at the Lyric, the audience really loved them, and the band is coming, so the next day, the tour manager said to the audience, “Don’t worry, we’re not going to play any more shows today,” so they went back and did their next show. But when everyone came out in front of those doors, and was waiting, and everybody was getting ready… the first question they asked was “Who’s the drummer, the one who plays the drums?” And my first reply was,