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“They should take off this black mask and say, ‘You are God.'”

In this week’s episode of “Serial.” host Sarah Koenig (Joanna Robinson) and her crew interviewed the two most key players in the murder case of Hae Min Lee (Adnan Syed), the young woman whose body was found in a suburban Baltimore basement two years ago. The podcast’s first two episodes were devoted to Lee’s former boyfriend, Jay, whom Lee described as “the monster” who allegedly killed her.

What they learned led the podcast’s production team to a startling discovery: As Koenig explained in the podcast’s intro:

They were trying to find the killer. They couldn’t find it. So on that note, we now know that the man whom they have been trying to find was already identified as a murder suspect. He’s Jay, the guy who supposedly stabbed her. She never named him. And he has now been arrested as the murderer. I mean, I can’t believe that a detective got a call saying, “We’ve got a new suspect. This guy can actually identify the killer. We think he actually is it. And we should let him tell us how he identified the killer.” So that is something I am very proud of. Jay got arrested, and I’m really glad he got arrested. But the good news is that we don’t owe anyone this piece of information. It’s his problem alone. It’s not ours. It’s just like, we’re all in this together, and it’s time to move past this.

According to the Baltimore Sun, a Baltimore City Police spokesman said police are currently looking into “the possible involvement of the other suspect in the crime.”
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This weekend, “Serial’s” season finale is available to watch online without the need for a cable subscription.

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