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Yeah, especially if you want to go into professional recording. In fact, I’ve been learning it since a long time. So I started learning guitar when I was 14-15.

What are you listening to now while you play?

All my favorite songs of this decade.

What would you do with a life that you had now?

I’ll have more time to write and think.

Did any of that music influence you or your work on “The Book of Mormon”?

No, not at all. I listened to it more than I wrote it and it helped me think. I used a lot of different voices and different musical instruments. I used different melodies and I used different rhythms as well. That was very helpful.

Can you tell me more about “Mormon Prophets/Television”?

What I’m getting at is that it’s two characters in the story. There’s a prophet who is trying to solve a problem, and then there’s a television personality. And he has his own agenda, so he has to fight his own agenda. Of course, they’re fighting each other.

Why was it so important to you to write in one world over the other?

When you’re writing a novel, your world will make sense. This is very important. When you’re writing a film, your world won’t make sense because it’s a different genre. So you have to find a world where the story makes sense.

When you were doing stage shows that were for television series, where did you find the opportunity to write about these characters?

I do write stage shows, as well. So what happened with “The Book of Mormon” was that we did a play in New York City at Soho Theater in 2010 called “Mormon Stories”: The Story of a Marriage and Beyond from a Gay Mormon.” The whole play was about Mormons in the United States. That’s when I realized that the Mormon Church is really different than the United States because it’s a very small church, it’s very secretive. The church is very closed. There’s a lot of secrecy, and the Mormon leaders aren’t very interested in sharing information with the public.

There were no books in that play for two months, so that was pretty hard on me because I wanted information from the audience. And I felt very much that it wasn’t necessary or helpful to get the audience in that mindset. I want to get the audience out

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