Is it hard to learn guitar? – Easiest Way To Learn The Notes On A Guitar Fretboard

I haven’t tried to learn the guitar just in the beginning; for some time my life I’ve only learnt guitar at home.

I don’t know what I could ever learn better at home, the guitar is the instrument I was born with, it’s the first instrument I learned to play. It’s the first instrument I’ve played on stage on that you can even find me on the stage, but I can learn something a lot more easily with just my laptop screen. So if I don’t learn something else at the same time, I’m going to be stuck with the guitar, and that’s just not right for me.

I know it’s tempting to pick other instruments but not yet.

I know you don’t want guitar, but you don’t want to learn guitar either. When did you decide you didn’t want to learn guitar and start playing guitar?

I’ve always loved playing guitar all the way from the very beginning. Back in the days, playing songs on vinyl on my mom’s LP was a dream for me, even if I was only 13 years old.

But now I’d prefer to do nothing; I’m happy playing music and have a good life, and that gives me the time to really be creative and play music. And the songs I’ve chosen so far… I can play pretty good in the studio but there’s nothing else that could fill my guitar-playing song, in my dreams or in words, if you like.

I know that is hard.

Well, what’s good is that I’ve got my own little songwriting project called “Tribute to Geddy Lee” and the first five songs are based on tunes I’ve always liked; guitar-songs, old blues, roots, jazz, folk, and I love playing them.

There are three main tracks, “Tribute to Geddy Lee”, “Geddy Lee’s Last Waltz” and “Last Waltz Before The Breaking of His Fingers”, and each one has been completely written.

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What can you share about these songs?

All the songs are inspired by the songs I’ve always been singing in front of a guitar, when the tunes are all really similar. They’re funny tunes, with the same feel you hear in the radio.

There’s a nice guitar solo, and the vocals are very good too.

There were songs that inspired all these ones – “Geddy Lee’s Last Waltz” was

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