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Sure! You can learn guitar from age 4, but there are many skills that you must learn before you begin your studies. Read more

It could be a guitar, or a trumpet, or anything with a tone. I like to think of a tone as something that brings us the emotions, rather than just the sounds (we’ll take a look at that next).

Let’s start out by having a look at our list of the ten things we need to start learning (along with a list of the ten things we should be focusing on right about now). Remember – as we go through the list of ten things, we’ll find that some might be easier in terms of starting out, while others might be a hassle. We won’t be putting down a particular skill, but rather will be pointing at things that we think should be easier to learn, and then doing a little “backflipping” to see if anything can be done on the previous list.

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10. Beginners should learn to play a scale in the key of A

“A scale in the key of A?”

There are literally hundreds of scales available for use on instruments. Each note is a particular octave, and the range is different from the scale used in a lot of popular music genres. This is why the keys are the basis of all scales, and why you’d learn the key of a key – because each note (or scale) in that key is unique. The same is true for chords – it is a fact that each chord is made up of different notes, for an entirely different range.

The problem is, you have to learn to read the scale and chords. Most students learn scales as they go, which makes it really hard to memorise all the scales in the song, even in context.

You could start reading notes as “Gm7”, then start playing each chord on the keys that contain each scale. But if you try this, the notes will be out of sync, and you’ll end up playing a note you’ve already learned to play before… and probably not be able to play the final part in the song without it sounding too off! That’s why it’s important for beginners to learn a scale in the key of A at the very first steps. It’s also important for them to learn a chord in the key of A.

It shouldn’t take too long – there are hundreds of scales and chords, and you can try them all without any problems

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