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The most important guitar chords for guitarists are 1 and 5.

1 – 7th Chords

A common problem with beginner guitarists is it’s not easy to get to a chord on their first string. And the first string doesn’t have a tonal effect so it’s really easy to get stuck. The next most important guitar chord is a7.

If you can play 7th chords, you can use them in either an Emajaj7 or Emaj7 chord progression

C Major (Major 7th chord)

E Major / G Major (minor 7th chord)

E7 – Em7 – Em7 – Em7

Bm7 – Bdim7 – Bmin7 (minor 7th chord)

Bbm7 – Bbm7 – Bbm7 (major 7th chord)

If you like the sound of this minor 7th chord, you might want to check out my video on how to play this chord.

And also, if this minor seven chord sounds familiar to you, I highly recommend my beginner guitar lessons for this chord.

2 – 5th Chords

After your first 2 and a 5th chords are mastered, it’s time to go to more challenging chord shapes. The two more popular 5th chord shapes are 7th and 8th chords.

These guitar chords, when you play them, sound pretty similar to the other major and minor chord types.

For example, they are very different from a minor 7th chord in that you have 5 notes instead of 2.

C Minor (Minor 7th chord)

A Major (Major 7th chord)

B Major (minor 7th chord)

Amimete7 – Am7 – G7 / Am7 / C7 / F7

In theory, a 7th chord should sound like this:

C Major – A Major – B Major

The only problem is that there are actually 4 note chords with that chord. In reality, it’s just a 5th chord.

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C7 – C – D – E F

If you like your 7th chord to sound like a 5th chord, it might be worth trying switching out the 4 notes of this chord for a more common 3 note chord, like the G7.

If you’ve tried these guitar chords and couldn’t get to them, check

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