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Let’s take guitar chords as an example.

All guitarists have access to the same 5 strings, so it would be hard to name just 5 guitar chords.

However, here’s how it works.

Guitar chords are a collection of different tones that fit together into a sound (in the chord above that it doesn’t look like there is any melodic content yet).

So, there are 5 basic guitar sound, which is why it is called the basic guitar chord, though there are actually 6 chords (there are more but this is sufficient).

However, there is one chord that is very similar to all of them, which is ‘9’.

This is why the 5 basic guitar chords are ‘Nine’.

This chord is in fact the major blues scale.

So, if you play this chord and think of it as an ‘A’ in A major blues scale, then it works like this:

Major Blues Scale: C, E, G, B (C, E, G, B)

Minor Blues Scale: D, A, G, B (D, A, G, B)

G9 Blues Scale: A, B, D, E (A, B, D, E)

But, if you want to get a little more funky, but that it doesn’t have any chord progression, then we could say that this chord is ‘D9 Blues Scale’.

This scale is quite commonly found in blues blues, though because of its popularity this scale is also quite hard to find in rock songs.

But, if we apply all the above info over this minor guitar chord, we get something that looks pretty badass!

C9 Blues Scale: B, G, A (B, G, A)

So, as a general rule we can say that when we write out this pattern, we should be using the 5 basic guitar chords.
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This means that we can use any major or minor guitar chord in this pattern.

And while there is no strict rule for choosing a good chord to write out, there are lots of ideas that are pretty cool.

So, take this pattern and try and use variations on it to play your guitar (or other types of music) by using all 5 chord types and having fun!

In this lesson, we will now outline the 6 basic guitar chords that we have found in blues blues over the years!

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