What are the 5 basic guitar chords? – Guitar Tricks For Beginners

In the most basic terms you will want to have the following basic guitar chords on your guitar:

Chords I will call the open strings (A, E, G)

Chords II will be called the bridge strings (B, D, F, Ab),

Chords III, IV, V will be called the root note of the chord (A)

Chords VI will be called the seventh note (Bb).

Chords VII, VIII, and IX will be called the ninth note (Bd),

In the most basic terms you will want to have the following guitar chords on your guitar:

7th and 9th note chords are referred to as the major and minor chords.

(A B D E F G A# / Bb)

Major and minor are similar to what we think of as a melody because they are both scale patterns and are often used to create a melody. They typically contain all the notes from the scale (or any related scale pattern) and the major or minor can be a mix of both.

Major chord I

E 7 – G – B major

Major chord II

A7 – E – A major

Major chord III

A7 – D – F – A

Major chord IV

A7 – D – C – E

Major chord V

F7 – C – G – B

It’s important to understand these two chords because they are two of the most common chord progressions that we hear on the guitar. The major and minor are the notes of the major and minor pentatonic scales:

Major Pentatonic Scale V7 – C – E – G

The root is the 3rd of the pentatonic scale

The 1st note from the root of the pentatonic scale is known as the root note of the chord. This is the root of a 7th chord. It is important to know that the major 7th root note is known as the Bb major chord.

The root note is usually the chord of the top note of the chord but other notes in the chord may be used as the 2nd or 3rd notes. This is generally why you will hear a major 7th chord being used in many popular songs like this one:

This is a common example of a blues that may be using this chord progression on the guitar:

Now, many of

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