What are the basic chords of guitar? – Some Guitar Basics

The key to guitar playing is getting to know these chords so that you can play them with complete confidence. If you’re just starting out, they can be intimidating at first. Here are 7 basic, easy guitar chords that anyone with a little time to practice can master.

1. C Major Chord

C Major is a chord that everybody knows. It’s the one on the root position. It can be used in a rhythm track, and when you use it to accompany a lead melody line, it adds a lot of resonance.

The C Major chord has 9 notes, and there are 13 intervals between the notes which are called the notes of the scale.

The major chord is actually the only one I’ll be teaching you in this lesson, because there are a lot of other basic guitar chords that you could learn before you learn the minor chord.

2. E Major Chord

The E Major is another one that people think is cool. It is a classic chord and is usually found on the A7 position on the bass.

The E Major chord also has a lot of resonance, so in that case this chord should be used for a rhythm track. The E Major chord has 9 notes, and there are 13 intervals between the notes that are called the notes of the scale.

Like the C Major, you can’t play this chord without knowing the scale, the major scale, because you have to play this chord as a chord in this case.

The E Major chord is one that you’ll likely use in a lead, but it’s also useful to know for any rhythm track, because it would be easier to use a lead as a rhythm track melody if they play in this way.

3. G Major Chord

The G Major has 3 note intervals, and you can find the notes of these intervals in a little sheet music. These notes are called a tonic, and the tonic is called G Major.

The G Major is quite a simple chord but it will be found on the root of most guitars, if not all guitars.

G Major chords are used to drive that guitar’s melody line and add resonance to what you play.

Here’s how to play the G Major chord. The first fret on the second string is the fifth fret, this is called an augmented (or diminished) fifth. Then we begin the G Major Scale shape. The first 4 notes of the key are the notes of G

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