What are the basic chords of guitar?

You can learn all the basic chords from the following:

And here are the chord charts for each chord on the G7 chord scale.

Here’s a more extensive comparison of chords and scales and what they mean:

Chord Scales:

G7- Dmaj7

Am7- F#dim7

F7- A7alt12

G7- B7alt13

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Cm7- Gmaj7

Em7- F#min14

Chord Progressions:

G7 – Maj7

Am7 – F#maj7

F7 – A7alt11

Fm7 – Gmaj7

G7 – Cmin7

Maj7 – Ebmaj7

Em7 – F#dim7

Fm7 – A7alt12

F7 – Gmaj7

G7 – Bm7

Cmin7 – Bm7alt13

Em7 – F#min14

F#m7 – A7alt6

Chords: 7-9-7-9-7

Chords: F#min, C#min, F#maj7

E7 – Eb6- Eb4- En4- Db4- Eb3- Eb2- Eb1- Abmaj7

G7 – Ad7

Bb7 – Imaj7

C#9 – Ad7 (6-5-4-3-2-1)

E8 – Ab4- Fm4- Dm4- Ab3- F3-b3- Gm3- Ab2- F1-b2- Ab1- E7-Em7-Ab9-Dm7-C#min7

Bbm7 – Cmaj7

B7 – Fm7- G7- Ab7 (4-2-1-2-3-1)

Bm7 – C5- G5- Ab7 (2-3-1-2-2-1)

Bb7 – Ab7

B7 – F6- Ab7 (2-3-2-1-2-3-2)

G7 – Baj7

B6 – F5- Ab7