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The 3 basic guitar chords are A, D and E:

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Note: There are many other chord symbols out there. But these are the 3 that are included in the chart above.

You can find a list of symbols of your choice on the Music Theory page.

Click to hear guitar cajon chord 1

Guitar Cajon Chord Progressions

To make playing and playing in a new key easier, you can create some chord progressions that use a different chord type than the one in the initial position on the key signature.

To play progressions like these, take a look at our step-by-step guitar cajon progression examples below. All of these examples are included in our step-by-step guitar chords progression examples.

Note: If your playing keys other than G sharp and A minor, you will need to have a different set of notes memorized at the start of most of these examples.

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git clone

The downloads are in zip form. There should be no need to unarchive them, since they are compressed data. The download should take no long time at all.

If you don’t really like to see their name, you can download them as regular files. This will make things much simpler if you want to copy them in a local folder :

cd ~ cd ~/Downloads cp sesame.tar.gz sesame.tar.gz

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cd sesame/sesame ./sesame -p -r -d -f sesame.tar.gz ./sesame

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