What chords should I learn first on guitar?

You should start learning guitar chords as soon as you can! There are so many guitar chords, chords that have a good melodic/melodic progression and chords that you can play and jam from day one. The chord progression is very powerful because you can use it to create melodies as well as to create new chords for that new song.

When should I learn to play chords?

There are two points of the triangle:

When you first get your guitar at home, and you want to play a new song. When you want to build and jam with your band and then play the chords on the road with other bands.

This will depend on the music that you listen to, but here are some examples of chords that you will hear frequently and that will help you learn to play any of the 12 chords:
How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself: Teach Yourself Guitar at Home

C – 2nd or 3rd in G

E – 2st or 3rd of G

G – 3rd in B

C – 5th in A

D – 6th or 7th of G

F – 2nd in C

Gb (major) – 3rd in Gb

Am – 2nd in C

An (minor) – 3rd in Am

Chords that are tricky to learn are not always obvious because they need to be played three, or four, or even five times to fully get used to them. Once you are comfortable playing them, the more difficult chords should not be too challenging.

In the example below, the 3rd in Gb is playing chords of the root. I had a lot of trouble with it at first, but the problem now is that it helps me find the chords from the root, which I like playing the most. I now play the root as a third in the middle of the note.

Another example is the minor 7th in A7. It can be challenging because it sounds pretty different from the root, but when you play it out loud, it sounds very easy.

If you are learning bass or guitar chords, I advise you to start with the major and minor chords. You can then build up from there.

Why did I choose these 12?

The 12 blues chords are built up from the root of the chords and then they move away from each other and create an “E” shape.

This is also the case for each chord in the second example.

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