What guitar chords are used the most? – Guitar Tricks For Beginners

The chord table gives a complete, easy to follow example.

The following chords are used in a lot of different songs by many different bands and they are all used in the same way.

A major chord has a major third, the second on the root note. Major chords start with a minor third on the 2nd string.

A minor chord has a minor third, a first on the 3rd string. Also sometimes in songs it’s the other way round – the first in the 3rd string has the 3rd.

So a C major chord has the third on the 3rd string and a C minor chord has the first in the 3rd string too.

Now you could make all these chord changes using fingering, but this is a good idea to memorise!

The chord table at the top of this page says “C Major” and contains 9 notes. We’re going to make a C major chord change using 5 fingers!

There are 3 places to play it, one on the 1st fret and one each on the second and fifth.

In theory you could use 4 fingers and the chords would look like this.

(Click the pictures below to show)

Click the pictures below to show

But if you start playing with 1 finger and move them away from one another you could cause confusion.

A C major chord has a major 3rd and a minor 3rd.

The first one on the major 3rd is the root note of the chord. Major chords start with a minor 3rd on the 2nd string.

Cmin3 Cmin5 C3min5 Major 3rd

Cmin1 Fmaj7 C1min2 C6th

When you play the chord change from C#-D to C-E, you’re using the interval 3rd.

When you play the chord change from C-E to C#-G, the interval 3rd is still there.

That is why you can start with the chord above instead.

Now you can play the chord change on this page too, but if you go back a note or two to the root of the chord the interval between the two chord changes is always 3rd.

So C-E makes the third a sharp 3rd, C-G makes the third a sharp 5th, and C-C can make the third a flat 7th.


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