What guitar chords should I learn first? – Electric Guitar Fundamentals

The major chords are a very important foundation in your guitar playing as you will use them to create some of your most important chords in any style of music you want to learn.

These are the best-known chords and you need to play all of them before moving onto many of the minor chords.

The guitar chords can be played in one of two main ways:

One guitar chord per string, such as E and F#

(A) One guitar chord per fret, such as G, B and C

G Major Chord Progressions

Below you will find a diagram highlighting the major chords that you use in your playing in A D E A minor blues style.

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Below that you will see all of the chords that you will need for all jazz guitar chords.

If you want to learn the other chords quickly you can learn them starting from the bottom position of the first section below.

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