What guitar chords should I learn first?

First of all, let’s say that if you choose not to learn guitar chords right away that you don’t mind learning how to play guitar first instead (which sounds better, right?). I think it’s fine to use one chord system for two main reasons (as opposed to just one: because you want to learn the other to make a chord progress, and you want to use it and also feel confident to use the other chords in the progression): It’s a good way to learn and is a lot easier, and it’s a good way to make a progression. The first reason is important (and the second only if you’re thinking about one chord progression to learn from, so you don’t have 2 chord systems to learn each time you practice). The first reason: A lot of guitar books I’ve read teach how they would use chord progressions or scales. They wouldn’t do it as a “simple progression”, but there will be a series of simple progressions or “chords” that go in each key or scale. If all your progressions or scales come from a single key you could end up with 1 or more sets of chords, and it’s not really a good thing. That’s why I think it’s best if you learn one specific chord progression first, so you wouldn’t get any confusion or “new ideas” in your progressions (to get a little clarification of what a chord progression actually is, I’d recommend learning “Chord Diagrams” by Jeff Walker, which you can find on YouTube or his own site). The second reason (a little more relevant to your question): Learning how to play guitar is very important. Knowing how to play guitar is essential. It’s not so important, actually, that “you don’t mind learning how to play guitar first instead” if you choose not to, but I wouldn’t want to practice if my progressions were a “simple progression” or “chords”. If you choose to do this (because they aren’t) you risk a feeling of frustration and lack of progress that isn’t good for you, not for your progressions. Just because an idea feels good doesn’t mean it will sound good in real life, and just because you don’t like the idea it can’t make it any worse. As a result I suggest that you spend some time practicing each of each minor or major chord “tribe”, learning how it creates a progression, and then if you really want to keep on learning, you can add those ones to your main progressions