What instrument is easiest to learn?

This is hard.

“I think it all depends on what instrument will be played best by the student,” says Sacks. For instance, if I’m teaching musicians like myself in the future, I don’t feel it’s necessary to teach them everything, or at least not if I don’t think they can learn it.

What’s difficult about teaching?

One of the hardest things is trying to explain things in the abstract. “Music isn’t some sort of abstract universal thing. It’s a very specific craft,” says Sacks.

How might learning instruments change someone’s outlook?

I think it might be that learning something new will change you in fundamental ways. You begin to look at music differently. You might look at it differently — like, “Oh, okay, this does feel a bit familiar. Maybe I should try this too.”

Which instrument could you play if you had enough time?

“I think you could play anything,” says Sacks. “That’s just the best way to learn and get better.”

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