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When it comes to guitar lessons, it is essential for the client to have the right attitude. When it comes to music, we have to have a clear view of a few things – we can’t spend all our energy on the guitar-playing and have no time for teaching. That’s why it is necessary to talk with the client about what they want out of the guitar lessons. To come full circle, let’s ask ourselves a couple of important questions:

What is the target audience of the guitar lessons?

Who will be the main beneficiary of the guitar lessons – the client, the guitar player himself or herself, or the guitar teacher?

Who is the most important person in the guitar lessons?

What is the duration of the guitar lessons?

What are the prices that will be paid?

How can we get the best return on investment?
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The first four questions are very important. They give you the right information on potential outcomes and give you a chance to consider the possible scenarios in your business. They should be a part of your business plan because it helps you to keep the vision in mind and in a way so that everything you are doing is aligned with it. For that reason, it is also very important for you to have such plans.

“How much money can we make on guitar lessons? What other products can we offer at the same time?”

To answer this, let us assume that you have a guitar teacher. Your primary market is the guitar-player. The second market is the guitar teacher. In order to find the best opportunity, you need some information about these two main parties.

Let’s take a look at the numbers that you need to estimate what you can make in a year:

How many lessons can you offer and what is the range of price per lesson?

Why is $5 per lesson so important?

How much money can we make on guitar lessons?

How much time do you need to spend teaching them?

The above numbers will enable you to estimate the amount of profits your business can make in the next one or two years. This number, which you need to know in order to be able to make a more informed business decision, you can also ask the client for.

What is the target audience of the guitar lessons?

In order to understand the audience for the guitar lessons, you have to start with your target market. First of all, you need to

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