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When it comes to practicing the guitar, we want kids to begin with a small group. From there, they can progress to individual lessons, full groups, or even private lessons. Most guitar lessons offered by guitar schools have an age range from 1 to 7 years. However, you’re right. Some schools start in middle school. And as the guitar moves onto more advanced techniques or more advanced topics, the lesson might need to begin at even younger ages. It is better to start now than over time. So it is important that the school offers the appropriate age range for lessons. When you’re a beginner, most of the lessons offer a range of around 8–12 years. At this age, the guitarist can begin to explore advanced topics of guitar.

What is your favorite guitar accessory?
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As a child, I loved a custom guitar. When I moved to California, I would spend two to three days a week in the gym and learn how to play, and by the second week I had mastered a ton of blues, rock and jazz styles. When I was younger, my mother would have been thrilled with me buying a guitar for the first time. But as I got older, she found it to be the most frustrating and boring activity I could ever do, especially when she had already bought enough guitars to last me all of my lifetime.

So it is with a very serious heart that I recommend that people not buy a guitar in college, because I know that even before that first purchase, I will find myself spending many hours every single week playing different styles of music.

Do you believe kids should be able to play the guitar even if they’re only playing in the same local community as you, or will they be discouraged?

In my opinion, yes. But the truth is, most beginners in most regions of the country have no choice but to join a local group. And when they do, they learn about the local music scene through them, and that makes life more enjoyable. They will also get to see the other beginners learning with them, especially if they are the same age. So, yes, if the group provides an environment for them to discover music and culture, there is a more worthwhile experience in it for a young guitar player. But the reality for most beginners is that they can never just go to any local group and begin learning music. So even if these kids just join a local group, they will need much more experience and time to develop the skills and skills necessary to find

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