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Can you play all of them? How many chords are there and how do you know where to play them?

You can play all the songs that are on the fretboard, but there are a few that can be harder. I think it’s the one that comes to my mind in the simplest way. It’s the one that I can play with my left hand, and I can’t do it that way on my right. I’ve heard it on a lot of guitarists who can’t play all five, but I think it’s a song that can be hard for a beginner when it comes to the fingerings and so on. If you really want to learn to play the songs, you have to play the ones that are in the standard chord progression. You can play most of them on your D, F or Am fretboard, but there are also some where you have to play the chords with the thumb of your left hand. That might be a one-on-one kind of thing: The song will sound more interesting if you are playing the chords on your left hand.

It’s all about learning the songs yourself. You have to listen to them and watch YouTube videos of other people playing what they would like to do. Just like you can learn guitar and learn to play with your right hand, you have to learn to play with your left hand. Once you learn that, you can go back to picking chords with just your left hand.

What are some of your favorite guitar songs?

I like to watch videos of guitarists playing certain songs and think to myself, ‘I should have written this song.’ It will be in your garage someday, right?’ It might be hard to remember how many songs there are and how to play them. It’s not so easy for me as a beginner. I will just sit and listen to a bunch of songs and then write it down later. Sometimes you are inspired because some song came on in your head and you didn’t know how to play it. It’s that way for a lot of guitarists when they get better.

Are there guitar songs that you would like to work on that aren’t available to download?

I don’t know if there are any songs that I think are perfect. There are a lot of songs that just sound good in your head, but I don’t have them. It’s all about finding the ones you think are amazing and then writing them down. I like to have a lot of ideas, but

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