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The only thing that really matters for learning to play a song on guitar are the specific techniques to get you over the initial plateau, when you’ll be able to play it without effort. In other words, be very patient.

So the “toughest” part of this is understanding that there’s a time and place to be patient. Learning to play a song isn’t a single thing, and it’s usually not the first thing you should be doing. But understanding this point should get you started.

The second most important part of learning on guitar is practice. It’s also not the first thing you’re going to do. It’s what you don’t do to keep learning what will be easy later.

How long does it take to get good at guitar?

Practice. You probably don’t need to be able to play 30 chords in 1 jam before you’re good enough – we don’t have a great test to determine “good enough” in a very specific way – but the general idea that practicing really well will speed up your progress is generally true.

Even playing a song at a level you’re never going to play it until you’re better than that just doesn’t seem to be true. Even if you do learn some new skills it’s going to take a long time before you’re playing at your own speed, or above your own ability level.

Why do we take these stats so seriously?

You need to be serious about yourself and your guitar playing. You’ve been playing guitar for a long time, you know what to play, and now you want to get better? That’s a serious problem.

If you find that you’re still too young to be learning to play, maybe you’ve never learned what it takes to perform to your standards? But you could still learn, because you still have passion for doing it well. There’s a huge difference between being good at guitar, and being good at music.

I’ve often seen “music lessons” that claim to work, then go on and say that the lessons weren’t for people like them because the songs they teach are “hard to learn.” That’s just not honest. And that’s one of the reasons that learning to play guitar isn’t as easy as it is for musicians who have been playing for a long time.

I try to learn a song on guitar, even if I already know the chords, and I try to practice them. I do it until I get

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