What is the hardest guitar solo?

The hardest guitar solo is always the one that is played in silence. The one where the audience is completely silent or out-of-tune. This is the hardest one, I think, because it is very difficult to find a rhythm in the silence when you have a completely blank tone.”

What are the three essentials in your setup?

“You need two pedals, one for your guitar and the other one for your headphones.”

Which pedals and how many?
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“One for the pedalboard and the other one for my headphones”

Do you feel there is a lot of new material coming after his latest project in 2012 and ‘Til Dawn?

“Yes. There are definitely new songs. It has started at the end of 2012 but that is going to continue into spring. I can’t talk much about the next album because the last few years have been very tough. I have been involved in the last couple of years with music for my family in Japan and as a friend but at the moment I am in the final stages of completing my album with the support and support of my family. ”

And is there anything in particular that you are excited to play live this Spring that would interest the masses?

“You have to find the right time and the right setting. It’s almost like trying to make sense of the sun. There are a lot of very strong places to play, at very different times, but I have just finished recording the album. In the last couple of years I have started playing every day, in the woods, in the desert, in the middle of the night.”

Can you describe your guitar tech for that?

“I use four different pedals in my guitar and I use different effects with the four different styles and tones. There is a guy called Nick and his name is also Toni. He is a guitar tech and the best tech in the UK and I am very good friends with all his friends.”

What is it like playing with such a tight-knit group of musicians?

“The rhythm section is very important to me. I had such bad luck in the past. When I have a group like this, I see it through a different view. It feels like one giant big team and it is like a tight group, a tight circle if you like. I don’t have many friends in the world but that is good because it is a great feeling. You get to know your bandmates and